Lina Theodorou


Lina Theodorou - videos (1999-2005)

  projects - installations
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Distribution of Consecrated Bread, 2000, video, 6 min

The film Distribution of Consecrated Bread focuses on the relationships that develop – momentary though they may be – between the women who participate in the procedure of sharing out consecrated bread during a religious ceremony. During this procedure some of these women play a decisive and co-ordinating role.

- 2000, "The artists of Spyropoulos museum", Centre for Hellenic union, Athens.

- 2004, "Nine Muses I presume?", La Casa Encendida, Madrid, Spain.

- 2006, UNITED BAC! 06 ,International Festival of Contemporary Art, Barcelona, curator of the video section: Anthropocentrisms, Anna Printezi