Lina Theodorou


Lina Theodorou - videos (1999-2005)

  projects - installations
  paintings - prints

hippodrome, 1999, 15 min.

A fanatic racecourse gambler analyses with mathematical precision the information provided in the horseracing magazine entitled Gagnant. He explains all the shady deals and set-ups and gradually immerses the spectator in the suspicious subjective world that is defined by obsessive illusion that one can control the outcomes of races.

- 1999, Four Rooms, Kappatos Gallery, Athens.

- 2001, "Hippodrome", Culture centre "Epi Colono", Athens.

- 2004, "Monument to Now", Dakis Joannou Collection, Deste foundation, Athens.

- 2004, Video Zone 2: The 2nd International Video Biennial, Tel Aviv, Israel.